We are constantly working to develop our offerings at CARVAULT CO to provide our clients with the best in automotive technology and automotive practices to ensure that your cars are at their best at all times.

We would like to introduce this new service that we highly recommend for high-performance vehicles.



To put it simply, we take an oil sample from the engine and transmission/gearbox which is sent off to a laboratory where they analyse each sample and can identify any internal wear to the components without any strip-down to the engine or gearbox.

This ‘Spectrochemical’ scan can detect wear and additive metals, viscosity @ 40°C, the PQ Index (Particle Quantifier index) which informs about magnetisable iron abrasion in the sample and is an important supplement to the also declared value for iron content in mg/kg, Glycol levels, Water % and Dirt in the oil which could indicate future problems with the engine or gearbox.

We believe this is a vital service to identify the health of your car’s engine, gearbox, or differential. It can indicate preventative measures as well as give you an idea of what you might be in for before purchasing a car.



Select and purchase the level of testing you wish to go ahead with, then we book you in to drive into our testing facility in Oxfordshire, we take the required samples and email and post your report to your home or office address. In and out in a matter of minutes.




Single Sample – £99 + VAT


Standard – £195 + VAT | Engine and Gearbox


Gold Standard – £280 + VAT | Engine, Gearbox and Differential