Our mission is to preserve automotive history and provide an unparalleled purchase and ownership experience.

We are petrolheads at our core and are here to chat, whatever the car, we look forward to hearing from you and assisting from sourcing, selling, restoring and more.

Enjoy open and candid advice from people you can trust.



Ben launched CARVAULT CO as he wanted to bring authenticity and trust to the classic & collector car market, giving buyers, owners and sellers peace of mind and enjoyment to this wonderful hobby and lifestyle.

Before leaving his full-time job to launch CARVAULT CO, Ben worked as a classic car specialist for one of Europe’s leading auction houses for classic and collector cars starting at Bonhams and then moving to Coys of Kensington.

Ben started his career with world renowned Gregor Fisken at Fiskens at the age of 18. Wanting a stronger mechanical understanding, Ben began an automotive apprenticeship with Aston Martin specialist restorers Goldsmith & Young.

Ben's main passions are technology and cars, which has lead to his drive to bring transparency into the outdated and traditional market of Classic Cars using modern technology.

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  • Honesty & Trust

    We pride ourselves in our long-term partnerships and relationships which are built on trust and honesty from the get go, we are not here to waste time or risk our reputation.

  • Integrity

    Everything we do we do for the love of being true to ourselves and our customers and in providing the best experience possible.

  • Transparency

    Transparency is crucial for us to build the strong reputation we have built within the industry. Be prepared for the good, bad and ugly when it comes to the reality of old cars and the car industry.


Launched CARVAULT.IO Digital History Platform | Sept 2017

A significant proportion of your car's overall value is defined by its history. So, it makes sense then to curate, preserve and clearly present this history to any future buyers.

Carvault is a digital history platform, built for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.

Digitise and preserve your car's important history today.

Opened CARVAULT CO - Oxfordshire | July 2020

We took the lease on our Oxfordshire site in July 2020 and have turned it into the showroom and storage facility we call home today. We have stored and sold some of the worlds most interesting and exciting cars and count ourselves fortunate to be a part of their history.


Opening WheelHouse Drivers Club in London | Q1 2024

A mecca for automotive passion

WheelHouse combines a car club and automotive destination for car enthusiasts and brands looking to get the very best out of our shared passion for cars.

The ultimate community and home for car enthusiasts.