The ultimate car storage solution in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

We know what goes into the correct maintenance and care of prized vehicles and we understand that your lives are busy and time is precious. We are here to make your passion a pleasure not a headache.


Clean, safe and secure environment

Our storage facility was built with car storage in mind, ensuring the ultimate location for your car to be stored.

On top of that we have done everything we can to mitigate and prevent potential deterioration to your prized cars, such as rodent control, sun damage, dust build up and moisture.

Your car couldn't be in better hands with us. Please come and arrange a visit to see for yourself.

Maximum security & discreet location

Security is our number one priority. We want you to know that we have done everything we can to ensure your car is in safe hands when you hand over your keys, so you have total peace of mind.

Ideal temperature and humidity conditions

Our facility was specially designed and built to regulate the interior temperature and humidity as much as possible ensuring the ideal storage conditions for your car.

Our goal is to maintain an environment where the relative humidity is between 50-55%, ideal for preventing metal corrosion and the drying out of leather and wood.

Accessibility that works around your schedule

We know that time is the most precious commodity and sometimes our passions have to take a back seat. When you have the time, we want you to get the most out of your precious cars and get behind the wheel whenever is convenient.

We have a local team to assist with car collections and returns and we try to accommodate all requests where possible and aren't strictly a 9-5 business and can be flexible around you to allow you to collect and return your car day or night, 7 days a week (where possible). We cannot guarantee all requests but will do what we can.

We ask for a minimum notice period of 24 hours; for a better chance of guaranteeing your collection/return request please provide us as much notice as possible.

Secure parking for your everyday car

When you arrive to collect your car you can relax knowing your everyday car will be safe and sound whilst you are out enjoying your special car.

Let us give your 'daily' car a clean and valet whilst you are out enjoying your prized sports/supercar for a small extra fee.

Located within an AONB with beautiful driving roads and destinations

Access to routes and recommendations for the best riding roads and destinations to get the most out of your cars, giving you reasons to get out and drive.

We want to encourage you to get out and enjoy your car. Not only is it good for the car to be driven but we want you to feel that you can enjoy your cars whenever you have the time.

  • Pricing & Storage Terms:

    Our bespoke storage packages start from £250 / month + VAT (£57.50 / week + VAT) with a minimum term of 3 months.  

    Short-term storage available from £70 + VAT per week.

  • The Basics

    All cars are valeted thoroughly upon arrival, connected to Ctek battery conditioners, fitted with seat, carpet and sill protection and covered with soft, indoor, breathable car covers.

  • Insurance

    For added peace of mind, each car we store is covered up to £100k as standard, with additional options to cover your vehicle's full value for total peace of mind.

  • Maintenance Programme

    We always recommend that cars are started and moved when in storage long-term.

    We have an optional maintenance programme that includes starting the car up once a month, taking it for a short exercise drive, fully insured by us and then valeted before being entered back into storage. This is the best way to prevent deterioration to steering, brakes and suspension components by ensuring regular lubrication and movement otherwise they are susceptible to cracking and seizing. Our maintenance programme is priced from an additional £95 + VAT per month/quarter (as requested).

  • Usage

    Whilst cars are in storage with us we ensure there is ample room to access all cars, meaning that all cars can be ready to use with short notice (minimum 24 hrs). Once the car returns into storage, there is a small valeting charge and check in-fee of £80.

One of our happy customers

"We couldn't be happier with the service provided by Ben and Carvault in taking care of our treasured classic during autumn / winter 20/21. The storage facility is perfectly located, brilliantly designed, always immaculate and super secure. The service provided by Ben and Carvault is very personalised with short notice access, monthly vehicle running and maintenance checks offered to suit you and your car. Communication and flexibility are superb. Most importantly though, from the moment you hand over the keys to your pride and joy, you know that Carvault will cherish your car just as you do. We’ll definitely be back for  autumn / winter!"

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