1987 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 'Quattrovalvole'

1987 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 'Quattrovalvole'

D932 HHM

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Vehicle Specification

Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage40,600 miles
Drivers SideRHD
Exterior Colour Blue Sera
Interior Colour Cream Leather
Previous owners 6 Previous Owners
Vehicle Identification Number ZFFWD21C000069521

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This stunning Ferrari Mondial 3.2 comes with just over 40,000 miles, full service and clean MOT this is a fantastic opportunity to own a very undervalued and under-appreciated Ferrari with a desirable cream leather interior and Dark Blue (Blu Sera) exterior. A true mid-engined Ferrari well looked after and in great condition. The car has received just over £20k on an engine and gearbox out service which included overhauling and restoring each corner by the specialists at QV London as well as engine service with all serviceable items replaced including new cam belts and a new fuel accumulator and a full gearbox rebuild with a new crown wheel and pinion gear.

The lovely Dark Ferrari Blue Sera is in great condition for its age featuring a few chips for its age, the car has held very well with only attention on the sunroof needing some work. The car is very much of its time with the styling being very 1980s, from the vents in the front and rear boot and engine cover to the twin tail lights and pop-up headlights, if this was a book of classic Ferrari design ques this car would be on the front page.

The interior is a lovely crema which pairs very will with the blue exterior, Blue with a cream interior is somewhat of a cliche but a choice option for a Ferrari. The condition of the seats is very good and has recently had some work done to the driver's seat and a small tear on the rear passenger seat. The old-school Ferrari dash is well-spaced and presents everything in a very functional Italian style. The dials with their retro Italian font style are a great addition to the car's character as the needles climb.

The Gearbox is the same as the unit found in the Ferrari 328 GTB and features the same dog leg first and 5 forward speed. The gearbox is great to use and the open gate shift of the car is classic Ferrari magic with its metallic feel and the noises giving you a great connection to the mechanics of the car. The gearbox has recently been completely rebuilt by experts at QV with the casing being crack-tested to ensure the longevity of the gearbox.

The Mondial featured independent suspension and Koni dampers all-round. The softer suspension over the 328 GTB made this car the ideal choice when it comes to making longer journeys and using the car more regularly. The car has recently received a suspension overhaul at each corner, with the wishbones being refurbished, and springs and dampers having been completely rebuilt with new bushes and fastenings, the car drives as it should and now looks like new.

The car's ventilated disc brakes all round have great performance and give you confidence when pushing on. The car has recently received new brake lines all round giving you great confidence in the car's condition to ensure it performs as it did when new.

This particular Mondial has been upgraded to the 17?? Speedline 5 spoke alloy wheels from the 348, a very striking styling addition that really brings a more modern touch to the car?s appearance.

The tyres are Continental Conisport contact 3?s 210/50 front and 255/45 rear. The Continental tyres are summer tyres and were designed for high-performance sports cars and sports coupes and are very appropriate for the Mondial 3.2.

Car History / Maintenance History:

The car comes with a very extensive maintenance history as summarised below:

09/01/2023 - London QV - Invoice for car works in suspension restoration and bushes inc full service, fuel accumulator, new clutch, gearbox service, cam belt, brake service, fuel accumulator, lower ball joint, fuel hoses, brake light bulbs, bulb holders, hand brake, water pump bearings and MOT.
18/03/2022 - Hoffmans - Sunroof retrim
30/10/2020 - Hoffmans - MOT test Invoice, Sunroof seal and painting of the roof
21/09/2020 - Hoffmans - Supply Valvoline and Shell Helix
13/08/2020 - Hoffmans - MOT test invoice
06/10/2020 - Hoffmans - MOT test invoice
20/08/2019 - Hoffmans - MOT test invoice
31/10/2018 - Hoffmans - Repair heater vent, Fitted sunroof with new interior cover and parts
06/09/2018 - Hoffmans - MOT test invoice
31/10/2017 - Hoffmans - Rebuilding repair to sunroof and new reduction gear (assembly)
31/08/2017 - Hoffmans - Repair drivers door handle, replaced passenger door handle and MOT Test invoice
30/06/2017 - Hoffmans - Supply and replacement of sunroof inner cover
08/06/2017 - Hoffmans - Motor refund
31/05/2017 - Hoffmans - Stripped out sunroof ready for installing
11/05/2017 - Dr Dent - Dent repair to OSR QTR
28/04/2017 - Hoffmans - Diagnose sunroof issues opening and closing and parts order
15/08/2016 - Hoffmans - MOT test invoice, passenger seat frame and mechanism investigated, fuel cap issue rectified, supplied touch-up paint and touched in front bumper chips.
17/10/2015 - Hoffmans - Cut and weld two steel plates into the chassis and sealed.
13/08/2015 - MOT test invoice
14/10/2014 - Fosker - Service and Cambelts, replace engine cover struts, adjust headlamp, recalibrate speedo.
15/03/2013 - Maranello Concessionaires Archive - Confirmation of 1987 Sale to H.R Owen
30/10/1991 - Robert Beckwell-smith - Sales invoice
06/03/1987 - Maranello Concessionaires Limited - Sales invoice
29/03/1993 - Maranello Sales Limited - Rear bulb holder, light switch, replace plate lamps, roof lock nuts
17/07/1992 - Autofficina Avenza - Invoice for works
06/07/1992 - Garage Palace (Cannes France) - Heating System and A/C rectified
01/05/1992 - Maranello Sales Limited - Replaced replace seat belts, beam set headlamps
22/11/1991 - H.R.Owen - 25,000-mile service, underseal, cambelt change, brake fluid, and other
06/10/1986 - H.R Owen - Telex from H.R Owen to Ferrari with order revisions (Add sunroof)

MOT certificates:
16/02/2023 - MOT Certificate
19/08/2021 - MOT feeback
20/08/2019 - MOT Certificate
06/09/2018 - MOT Certificate
11/08/2016 - MOT Certificate
13/08/2015 - MOT Certificate

Additional Documentation:
Ferrari Owners Club letter
30/04/1993 - Vehicle licensing application form
30/04/1994 - Vehicle licensing application form
05/05/1994 - Maranello Sales Limited - MOT test invoice, Replace wipers and clean solenoid.
06/05/1994 - Maranello Sales Limited - Car Valuation
27/06/1995 - Maranello Sales Limited - Replaced engine struts and dizzy gasket, renew rear brake light bulb, tighten coolant hose.
17/10/2014 - Foskers - Car sales invoice
16/10/2014 - Foskers - Invoice paid in full

Service book stamps:
29/04/1987 - H.R Owen - 1,082 miles
28/09/1987 - H.R Owen - 6,452 miles
14/03/1988 - H.R Owen - 10,842 miles
20/03/1989 - H.R Owen - N/A
19/11/1991 - H.R Owen - N/A (Cambelt change)
10/09/1992 - Melbourne Garage Ltd - N/A
24/04/1998 - Talacrest - 33,690 miles (Service and cambelts)
10/08/2012 - Autofficina Surrey - 35,713 miles (Annual)
08/10/2014 - Foskers - 36,792 miles (Annual service and cambelts)
16/08/2023 - QV London Ferrari Specialists - 40,435 miles (Major engine out service, suspension rebuild and gearbox rebuild) at a cost of over £25,000! 

Please let us know if there are any further questions, we have many more photos of the car including of the underside that we would be more than happy to send to you.


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