BMW E9 3.0 CSL - Restored Condition

BMW E9 3.0 CSL - Restored Condition

VVS 983L

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Vehicle Specification

Fuel TypePetrol
Mileage103,000 miles
Drivers SideRHD
Exterior Colour Golf Yellow
Interior Colour Black Leather and Cloth
Previous owners 11 Previous Owners
Vehicle Identification Number 2285195

An original UK car produced in November 1972 and first registered in February 1973 as attested by BMW UK this is a spectacular example of the iconic 3.0 CSL.

This is a restored example expertly done to original specification retaining all of the correct aluminium panels, Scheel seats with headrests to front seats (retrimmed), correct 14" wheels (refurbished) with new tyres, original carpets and all of the City Pack specification options as supplied to the 500 UK supplied cars.

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Vehicle Provenance:

Not Stolen
Not Written Off
Not Scrapped
Not Imported
Correct Mileage*
*as far as we can tell with the information we have available.
Unfortunately CarVertical do not provide reports on vehicles of this age however the information above is accurate according to the records that the DVLA and SMMT hold.

Model History:

Built as a homologation special built from the E9 CS, a grand touring car designed to replace the 2000 C and 2000 SC. The new E9 features a revised and lighter chassis over the old car and an enlarged engine which gained two extra cylinders to create one of the most famous lineage engines, the BMW straight 6. In May 1972 BMW released the CSL to homologate the E9 for racing in the European Touring Car Championship. The ‘L’ in CSL standard for leicht or light represents the drastic weight saving BMW undertook such as using thinner steel for the body panels, deleted trim and soundproofing, aluminium doors bonnet, boot lid and perspex side windows. This was the first ‘M’ car to be made by BMW’s famed ‘M’ or Motorsport division, although, it never carried the famed ‘M’ badge.

Exterior Condition:

The paintwork is exemplary, having been treated to a bare metal repaint by Avantgarde in 2017 with new period-correct decals all round. The wheels have also recently been refurbished to ensure the car is looking in great condition. Original sundym windows add that look of executive one-upmanship (list price in period was nigh on £7,000 when an E Type V12 £3,300) - sundym was not standard on many cars in 1973 - and she also boasts a passenger door mirror, just to balance that look from the front.

Interior Condition:

The interior is in extremely good condition, there are no chips to the seat frames, central console air vent or the handbrake arm which show she has been delicately used and the interior woodwork is all in fine and better than-expected condition. Similarly, the engine bay is a complete joy to behold and probably presents almost as new when it rolled off the production line in November 1972.


The car has an uprated exhaust for the growl emanating from the single rear pipe is somewhat deeper than that to which we are accustomed - performance too is better than normal leading us to believe that this superb example is one of those lucky ones that just outperforms the norm. Gearing is much better than standard for she has a period correct upgrade to the Getrag dog-leg 5-speed transmission giving more spirited acceleration and slightly higher gearing for less frenetic cruising.


The car's chassis is in great condition


The manual gearbox feels excellent and shifts well. Remember the box is a dog-leg first gear!


The car is a joy to drive and use on the roads making every Sunday drive a truly enjoyable one.


The steering gives a fantastic connection and gives great feedback to the driver as well making the experience very intuitive. For a car of this age, handles and feels much better than some sports cars half its age.


The brakes are old in comparison to modern performance but are up to standard with new callipers and pipework as required, which gives great confidence on the road.

Maintenance History Summary:

As if it couldn’t get better, the car also boasts a wonderfully comprehensive history with many old invoices and receipts dating back to the 80s, and many magazines featuring not just any 3.0 CSL but this specific CSL. One magazine is dated January 1973, a Motor Sport magazine featuring the brand new BMW 3.0 CSL; describing an “adequate road test of the BMW 3.0 CSL” Over 4 days and across 10 European capitals. EU The history folder has many bills and MoTs going back to 1986 and although we cannot trace the mileage further the subsequent usage confirms that in the last 30 years, 10.000 miles have been driven (speedometer reading now 108.500 miles) There is a plethora of period road tests and CSL articles in the folder, an original BMW range booklet and also the full brochure, dealer listing and the almost impossible-to-obtain handbook in almost new condition.

Common Problems with the BMW 3.0 CSL (E9):


Engines are extremely strong and apart from requiring valve adjustments every 15,000km or so, they go on and on. Head gaskets can blow if the cooling system is not in good condition.


The main area of concern on the 3.0 CSL is the body, the non-aluminium panels can rust while the aluminium components can corrode over time. Parts are not easy to come by and a badly rusted car can be a nightmare to get right.


“Mechanically, the CSLs don’t tend to have many common faults. The M30 engines are very strong and you should get between 4-5000km of running before you’ll need a any major engine work. The hardest thing is keeping them original as parts are becoming quite scarce, and you’ll have little change out of £35,000 for an engine rebuild. “But they’re beautiful things, and one of the most famous touring cars out there. Working on one always gives you a great sense of history.” Munich Legends

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