Copy of 1987 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 'Quattrovalvole'



- Just over 40,000 miles original miles
- Rare 3.2 Quattrovalvole in Blu Serra and Crema interior
- Recent major service and recommissioning totalling over £12k

Vehicle Specification

Year1987 GearboxManual
Fuel TypePetrol Recorded Mileage40,600 miles
Drivers SideRHD Exterior ColourBlue Sera
Interior ColourCream Leather Previous owners6 Previous Owners
Vehicle Identification NumberZFFWD21C000069521 Engine Size3200cc

Vehicle Maintenance Summary

MOT Expiry 2024-02-15 Last Service Date 2023-02-15
Not Stolen Not Written Off Not Scrapped Not Imported Matching Numbers Verified Mileage* *as far as we can tell with the information we have available.

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Model History:

The Mondial followed the Dino 308 GT4, designed by Pierangelo Andreani being the first Ferrari-badged mid-engined 4-seater. The car followed on from the Dino 308 GT4, featuring a 3000cc cross plane V8, which was developed from the Ferrari Daytona's V12 with 4 fewer cylinders and featuring identical architecture. Over the Mondial's life, the engine grew in capacity and sophistication, becoming quad cam in 1983 with the Quattrovalvole and increasing to 3.2 litres in 1986 with the cleverly named 3.2. The Mondial T came along in 1988 and although sharing a lot in common with the previous generations features a revised engine layout from transverse to longitudinal. This changed the gearbox and rear subframe, which caused some difficulty when changing cam belts. The Mondial reverted to Pininfarina styling after the Dino 308 GT4’s somewhat divisive Bertone-styled looks. The Mondial follows similar design themes to this car such as the more pointy nature of the design and the air vents in the bonnet, something that was famed by Bertone at this time. However, Pininfarina managed to redesign the car and fit in well with the Ferrari/Pininfarina lineup, essentially being a 4-seater version of the 328 GTB, with the bodies manufactured by Scaglietti. The Mondial is said to have received its name from the word Mondial means Global in French and, this name was meant to echo the fact that Ferrari was a Global brand and had won races and championships all over the world. This was especially clever as the Mondial was the first road the car to be homologated for road use all over the world. The name was also associated with the 1950s racer the ‘500 Mondial’, the '500' came from the Ferrari’s 2 litres 4-cylinder engine, which was found in its F1 engines at the time. The ‘family friendly’ Mondial is often overlooked in the Ferrari 1980s lineup for not having the same presents as 2 seater versions of the same platform like the 328 GTB. The car had the more practical and sophisticated appeal in the Ferrari lineup at the time. The car still features all the same design and engineering innovations as its 2 seater sibling, cars like the 308 GTB, 328 GTB and 348 GTB, however with the Mondial, the innovations are wrapped up in a more practical package. A great Ferrari for the ages and one that is currently very under-appreciated.

Exterior Condition:

The lovely Dark Ferrari Blue Sera is in great condition for its age featuring a few chips for its age, the car has held very well with only attention on the sunroof needing some work. The car is very much of its time with the styling being very 1980s, from the vents in the front and rear boot and engine cover to the twin tail lights and pop-up headlights, if this was a book of classic Ferrari design ques this car would be on the front page.

Interior Condition:

The interior is a lovely crema which pairs very will with the blue exterior, Blue with a cream interior is somewhat of a cliche but a choice option for a Ferrari. The condition of the seats is very good and has recently had some work done to the driver's seat and a small tear on the rear passenger seat. The old-school Ferrari dash is well-spaced and presents everything in a very functional Italian style. The dials with their retro Italian font style are a great addition to the car's character as the needles climb.


Behind the driver the car bares the F105C 3.2 litre V8 as derived from the original Dino 206s V6 architecture, it is identical to the one found in the 328 GTB although, with different engine designations, they produce the same power in the same transverse layout. Ferrari made a number of enhancements to the F105C and its capacity was increased from 3.0 to 3.2 litres. The horsepower gains are attributable in part to the new high-lift camshafts and redesigned piston heads with aluminium in-liners. The noise the flat-plane crack V8 produces is classic Ferrari and the roar of the engine sounds fantastic all the way up to the redline of 7,800 rpm. The engine enjoys to be revved as produces the max power of 270 hp being produced at 7000 rpm, with the max engine torques returning 224 lb/ft at 5,500 rpm. Under the bonnet the 3.2 is easily identifiable by its dramatic bright red air intake with Ferrari 3200 Quattrovalvole written all over it, just to be sure. The engine has recently had a full service, new cam belts and a new fuel accumulator.


The chassis was comprehensively tweaked over the standard QV and base Mondial, so much so that Ferrari designated it a new chassis designation Tipo F108 CL 100. The tweaked chassis gave the new Mondial 3.2 new life and great handling making it much more fun to drive than the previous iterations of the Mondial. The longer wheelbase tubular space frame chassis helped the Mondial make more favourable handling characteristics over the 328 GTB being much more predictable than its shorter and sharper sibling and giving great communication through the chassis.


The Gearbox is the same as the unit found in the Ferrari 328 GTB and featured the same dog leg first and 5 forward speed. The gearbox is great to use and the open gate shift of the car is classic Ferrari magic with its metallic feel and the noises giving you a great connection to the mechanics of the car. The gearbox has recently been serviced with new oil, with some once allowed to warm up to operating temperature the box is a joy to use.


The gearbox and rear axle fit together behind the engine in a transverse layout. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a limited-slip differential, which helps make the car fun to drive and helps put the power down out of the corners.


The Mondial 3.2’s quicker steering rack than that of its previous iterations is classic Ferrari and gives the car a more instant and connected feel. Being quite heavy at low speeds it soon frees up on the move with the classic Ferrari, black leather-clad steering wheel being a joy to use and communicating well when driving at speed.


The car's ventilated disc brakes all round have great performance and give you confidence when pushing on. The car has recently received new brake lines all round giving you great confidence in the car's condition to ensure it performs as it did when new.

Maintenance History Summary:

The car comes with a very extensive maintenance history as summarised below: Invoices: 09/01/2023 - London QV - Invoice for car works in suspension restoration and bushes inc full service, fuel accumulator, new clutch, gearbox service, cam belt, brake service, fuel accumulator, lower ball joint, fuel hoses, brake light bulbs, bulb holders, hand brake, water pump bearings and MOT. 18/03/2022 - Hoffmans - Sunroof retrim 30/10/2020 - Hoffmans - MOT test Invoice, Sunroof seal and painting of the roof 21/09/2020 - Hoffmans - Supply Valvoline and Shell Helix 13/08/2020 - Hoffmans - MOT test invoice 06/10/2020 - Hoffmans - MOT test invoice 20/08/2019 - Hoffmans - MOT test invoice 31/10/2018 - Hoffmans - Repair heater vent, Fitted sunroof with new interior cover and parts 06/09/2018 - Hoffmans - MOT test invoice 31/10/2017 - Hoffmans - Rebuilding repair to sunroof and new reduction gear (assembly) 31/08/2017 - Hoffmans - Repair drivers door handle, replaced passenger door handle and MOT Test invoice 30/06/2017 - Hoffmans - Supply and replacement of sunroof inner cover 08/06/2017 - Hoffmans - Motor refund 31/05/2017 - Hoffmans - Stripped out sunroof ready for installing 11/05/2017 - Dr Dent - Dent repair to OSR QTR 28/04/2017 - Hoffmans - Diagnose sunroof issues opening and closing and parts order 15/08/2016 - Hoffmans - MOT test invoice, passenger seat frame and mechanism investigated, fuel cap issue rectified, supplied touch-up paint and touched in front bumper chips. 17/10/2015 - Hoffmans - Cut and weld two steel plates into the chassis and sealed. 13/08/2015 - MOT test invoice 14/10/2014 - Fosker - Service and Cambelts, replace engine cover struts, adjust headlamp, recalibrate speedo. 15/03/2013 - Maranello Concessionaires Archive - Confirmation of 1987 Sale to H.R Owen 30/10/1991 - Robert Beckwell-smith - Sales invoice 06/03/1987 - Maranello Concessionaires Limited - Sales invoice 29/03/1993 - Maranello Sales Limited - Rear bulb holder, light switch, replace plate lamps, roof lock nuts 17/07/1992 - Autofficina Avenza - Invoice for works 06/07/1992 - Garage Palace (Cannes France) - Heating System and A/C rectified 01/05/1992 - Maranello Sales Limited - Replaced replace seat belts, beam set headlamps 22/11/1991 - H.R.Owen - 25,000-mile service, underseal, cambelt change, brake fluid, and other 06/10/1986 - H.R Owen - Telex from H.R Owen to Ferrari with order revisions (Add sunroof)

Common Problems with the Ferrari Mondial:

Cooling System

The cooling system of the Mondial 3.2 is known to be a weak point. Issues such as overheating, coolant leaks, and failing water pumps have been reported. Regular maintenance and monitoring of the cooling system, including coolant flushes and inspections, are recommended.

Timing Belt Tensioner Bearing

The timing belt tensioner bearing is prone to failure in the Mondial 3.2. If the bearing fails, it can cause damage to the timing belt, resulting in catastrophic engine failure. Regular replacement of the timing belt and tensioner bearing as per Ferrari's recommended intervals is crucial.

Electrical System

Electrical gremlins can occur in the Mondial 3.2, including issues with the power windows, electrical switches, and dashboard instruments. Wiring faults, faulty relays, and aging components can contribute to these electrical problems. Thorough inspections and occasional rewiring may be necessary to address these issues.

Fuel System

Some Mondial 3.2 owners have reported fuel system problems, such as clogged fuel injectors, fuel pump failures, or fuel leaks. Regular maintenance of the fuel system, including cleaning or replacing injectors, and ensuring proper fuel pressure can help prevent these issues.


The Mondial 3.2's transmission can develop problems, such as gear synchronization issues or worn synchros. Difficulty shifting gears, grinding noises, or slipping may be signs of transmission problems. Professional inspection and potentially rebuilding or refurbishing the transmission may be required


It's important to note that these are common issues reported by some Mondial 3.2 owners, but not all vehicles will necessarily experience them. Proper maintenance, regular inspections, and addressing issues promptly can help mitigate these concerns and ensure a smoother ownership experience. It's also recommended to have a qualified Ferrari specialist or dealership perform a pre-purchase inspection before buying a used Mondial 3.2.

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